Records Management Center
Records Management Center
A Division of the Distribution Center Inc.
Indexing & Barcoding

Indexing & Barcoding
Indexing & Barcoding

Indexing & BarcodingOnce your boxes have been picked up, our trained staff will record your box numbers, file contents, and other valuable information necessary to locate these materials immediately upon your request. The information that we record during indexing can be tailored specifically to our client's needs.  Clients who wish to frequently purge unnecessary files can assign destruction dates to their records which can than be recorded in our database. Custom reports can be generated at our client's request and mailed or faxed to you the same day. We use your own personal numbering or barcoding system if one exists so there is no need for you to adapt to our numbering system.

Our database of indexed boxes/files are backed up regularly to ensure that your materials can be found despite any computer crashes, technical glitches, or other unforeseen accidents. The password-protected database is also maintained from a limited access room secured by an alarm system to prevent theft or unauthorized access to our database.  You can rest easy knowing that any sensitive, classified, or confidential information will stay safe and secure.

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